Friday, October 27, 2006

Grab Bag-o-randomness

This was another one of those weird/ good/ busy weeks... as many of them are lately.

Wednesday saw the visit of Rik Wilks from Easton. This was the first time I've met Rik and I have to say he's a cool, nice, funny guy. Let me also say that Easton has some cool new stuff coming... really cool stuff. I don't know if this means we'll be using any of the products, but I believe in never saying never. Such cool stuff... plus their carbon engineer, John McGuire , is a racing buddy of mine. He's a super great guy- you may have read some of his articles in recent issues of ROAD. Anyway, Easton makes cool stuff- even if I don't currently spec any of it on my bikes. Go buy some, just because... Rik did mention a new frame tubing. He didn't say what it was, other than it was "new" and "cool". I, for one, am curious. (I also have a new set of handlebars to ride with now... more on that in another post.)

Thursday saw the visit of my good friend Kendall Young from Ritchey. I've been talking to Kendall now for what seems like a very long time, but has really only been about a year and a half. Kendall and I are cut largely from the same cloth, so we get along very well. Top that off with the fact that Ritchey makes some really kickass stuff and you have a great day (plus Kendall took us to lunch for sushi). Speaking of "cool new stuff"... Ritchey has some great stuff coming too. Word to the wise; if you ever see a set of the WCS Evolution handlebars- buy them.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been riding the SRAM Rival parts this week.

Yes, I notice the irony that I am still riding my Shimano pedals on a SRAM bike... but they are my favorite pedals. I will keep upadting as I have the chance to keep riding and testing the parts. The real test going on is the frame the parts are bolted to. All I can say is; carbon, good ride, not uber expensive, unidirectional carbon (no cosmetic outer weave), not noodly. That's all I can divulge for now. Oh and 60cm bike, with Rival group, heavy wheels, carbon fork with alloy steerer and alloy bar and stem- 17.51lbs... not bad at all. With a little effort, not much at all really, you could get it to 16. More later...

I hope to have some more news soon regarding the possible development of a women's bike program. I hesitate to even call it Women's Specific because there is so much out there that says "women's specific" that really is kind of... well... crap. I won't say any more until I have something more really substantive to say. It'll be cool and a lot of fun- that much I know.

Tomorrow/ Saturday is my son's 14th birthday... 14th! Crap! I am very proud of the young man he has become. Smart, witty, good hearted- he's a great kid and we're lucky to be his parents. Happy Birthday Son!

Ok, I'm done...



Donna Tocci said...

Happy Birthday to Masison!

stickboybike said...

Amen to the ladies. Just remember that a Women's Specific Design to come companies means We're Sometimes Dedicated....i.e. 'we'll take a small man's frame and paint it Tampax Blue and do nothing to the geometry...'
Go get 'em Jackson!