Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Awesome video!

This video played at the Hutchinson tire booth all during Interbike. It was shot by Steve Boehmke and it just simply kicks ass! Give yourself 4:00 minutes and watch it. It's really great.


Update/ Correction; just heard from Steve Boehmke- the video is actually shot by Daniel Leeb. On top of it, the "final-final" version is eve nbetter than the version in this link... so I'll be updating it as soon as I get it. Stay tuned. (This is SO exciting!)


Bret Moss said...

Does this mean Masi is going to bring out a "precisa" type fork? Or is tuning your ride the new trend?

Anonymous said...

I think the Masi fixed bike had a straight 'precisa' style fork its first year out, no? I vote for bringing back the straight fork (and non-sloping TT for the track bikes...