Sunday, October 26, 2008

East Coast Fun-n-Frivolity

I posted a long post with many pictures over on the company website yesterday, so go look over there for more pictures and commentary... but here's a little sumthin fer ya as well...

Looking too awake on a red-eye flight to the East- we left San Diego after 10:00PM.
Me and Eastern Regional Sales Honch, James- "BB58/ DSO"- Ayres.
James pretending he doesn't like having a camera pointed at him when he's trying to sleep.
MTB/ Adult Brand Manager Jill Hamilton trying to ignore my camera pointing... after this picture was taken, she threatened to have me beaten and dumped in a field somewhere... that's why she's cool. Our hero for the trip and event, Shannon Traglia (spelling). Shannon is a former pro BMX racer who is now driving our BMX truck and trailer to races and wrenching on bikes. Thanks to him, we didn't have to drive the demo trailer ourselves!He turned out to be a very valuable part of the demo for us- thanks Shannon!

This was part of the music pavillion at Roger Williams Park, where the demo event was held... very, very cool.

Chris DiStefano- "the other Chris"- of Chris King, pretending to know how to inflate a tire. Once the tire pressure got over 20PSI, it was greater than his weight and he had to stand on the handle to pump... I saw it myself.

It's like they knew I was coming or something... I was honored... truly.

The fountain in de Pasquale Square, right in front of our hotel. Very nice indeed.

The Fall colors were unreal. The trees looked like they were on fire, they were so brightly colored.
James Ayres eating a doughnut as big as his head!

CD talking about the doughnut as big as James' head.

This little pavillion on the water was beautiful. As the sun was setting it became spectacular.

This was part of the little Japanese Tea Garden they have at the park. Very pretty and very serene.

I have to wait until after the end of the year before I can get any more ink- gotta get off the massive doses of blood thinners first. But they had tattoo studios all over the place!

I never could decide which one I wanted more- the fresh ravioli or the vintage Vespa. I love Vespas... LOVE them.

Even though he was raised in the DC area, you'd never know James had ever experienced cold before. However, he did sleep with the window open and the AC on at night...

Jill doing some prototype testing at demo. New race bike platform... feels prety stable...

James needed a little nap after a couple days of actual... I mean, hard work. Poor little guy was all tuckered out.

And that's it for the demo... more pictures to follow later, I promise.



Donna T. said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! :)

T-Guy J said...


It was great to meet you, although briefly. Thanks for the nice words about the shop.