Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Taiwan check in...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately- the hotel internet connection only partially worked and the wifi at the show itself was terribly unreliable for me. I would frequently log on and then the signal would vanish... so I relied heavily on the iPhone, but the battery wasn't holding much of a charge for very long. So it was a technically challenging week at the show.

Here are a few pics from the show- hope you like'em.

Outside the new Nangang exhibition hall. The bike show last year was the first ever event in the new building. The surrounding area is much more developed now as well. Very cool building

A nice line-up of Masi Mini-Velo bikes. These were developed with the close relationship with both our Japanese and Taiwanese distributors. I personally believe they could find a happy home in the US as well- they really are fun to ride and fit in with the emerging commuter market in the US and elsewhere. We've been working on a fixed gear version as well... which I WILL be getting a sample of for myself!

Remember Mitsue? She's the Masi spokesmodel for Taiwan. She's also a very lovely young woman and incredibly sweet. Needless to say, she drew a bit of attention to the bikes and the booth when she was there.

The wonderful Stella Yu- owner of Velo. She's easily one of the most important people in the Taiwan bike industry and is also an incredibly generous and gracious woman. She's one of the vendors I sincerely have a lot of respect and appreciation for. I arrived in Taiwan early so that I could attend her annual pre-show party. Stella is a fantastically shrewd and successful business woman and I have immense respect for her and what she has done with her company in such a male dominated industry. I always learn a little something from her.

A view of the presentation from the back of the room. The presentation and live entertainment are always a big part of the dinner party.

I would love to have this wonderful old La Pavoni espresso maker!

Some cool items on display on the shelves at my favorite coffee shop here in Taichung. The walls are covered with cool artwork/ photos and the place is just a wonderfully cool and hip spot to hang out and enjoy an afternoon.

The famous Taipei 101 on my way out of Taipei after the show- it's an amazing structural marvel and a true testament to the strength and power of the Taiwanese people. It's a jewel on the island and a source of pride... for good reason.

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page in my Taipei 2009 gallery... if you're in the mood for more.

That's it for now... more to follow.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes as well. It was a great day and I am thankful for all the friends I have.



Urban Jeff said...

Try not to have too much fun.

Anonymous said...

I would totally buy a Mini Velo, to add to my little Masi collection. If they make it into the U.S. you need to convince our friends at Norco that we want them in Canada also. They are so much cooler than the folding alternatives.

Anonymous said...

you have to tell me where that coffee shop is.

James T said...

The mini velos do look like fun. I know they are pretty popular over there; were they well received at the show?

Anonymous said...

so that's why the head tubes got so big! how about working on a titanium clavicle next?

Dan O said...

Thanks for the pics - cool stuff.

Those mini-velos selling well in the US? I'm not so sure....

It be interesting to see and ride one for real though.

fred at thedrawingfarm said...

I can't believe I missed this post!
I've been wanting a mini-velo since Dahon originally made the Smooth Hound!
Bring them to the US! Please...