Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Be good to your body...

In my role as Masi Global Domination Uberlord, I have made many friends (and even more enemies) and connections. It's safe to say that I have many high friends in low places... or something along those lines.

That stated, I have friends at Swobo... friends with privileges- but not the kind of privileges that might make you all tingly. My friend Stevil Knevil shared a tidbit of newsdom with me today that I am sharing because I love you all so much and because the folks at Swobo are rad... trust me on this...

The Bay Area clothing/ bicycle manufacturer known only as Swobo (the meaning of which is whatever you want it to be) has pulled the keystone out of a proverbial landslide of goods and have cut prices up to five hundred trillion percent.

Jerseys, Merino wool casual wear, technical riding shorts, scarf and hat combos that would make Harry Potter go M.C. Hammer with envy and much more all can be found in our Yard Sale;

Hells yeah, and we'll see you there.

So I recommend you check this here deal out, most rickety-tick, before all the goodies are gone away.

You can thank me later.

(No... I get nothing from Swobo for this little news bulletin. I just happen to dig them and there duds. So there.)

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