Monday, March 09, 2009

More roller love...

Had another excellent ride on the rollers tonight. It was nearly zen-like in some ways. Riding the fixed gear on the rollers can be very relaxing... very.

Here are few jams from the Shuffle tonight;

(Love the Muppets!)

So now you have some ammo for your next roller session too!



Anonymous said...


Do you have any roller workout routines you can share? I love riding rollers but I have been able to find only one set routine, so I either do that one or else just get on and jam until I'm too sweaty to continue.


Tim Jackson said...

Mostly I just ride. I tend to ride the rollers as an interval workout- build up a bit of a sweat and get loose for the first 10 minutes, then sprinkle in lots of intervals for about 40 minutes and then cool off for the last 10. I like to sprint during the really good faster tempo songs on my Shuffle, or during the good guitar riffs/ drum solos, etc. It isn't very scientific these days. I was more regimented in the past, but now I just try to ride and be comfortable on the bike- especially as I am still recovering from the crash last April.

ritzcrackerman said...

Tim - love your blog, I've been a proud owner of a Speciale CX since last June, and I love my ride. And Weezer and RATM both find a lot of space in my riding playlist. :)