Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where do I begin?

Ok, let's see...

The Kenda Pro Cycling (KPC) training camp was awesome! The weather didn't exactly cooperate, but that didn't stop the camp from being both productive and fun. Many of the guys on the team I have met before over the past 3 previous seasons, but there are a lot of other new faces too. Watching these guys ride together and get to know each other was pretty cool and exciting. All the ingredients are there for the team to succeed in races of all types this year. I think a lot of folks are going to be surprised when the pinstripes and flames of KPC step on the podium of the larger races in the country this season. I won't be surprised... but some other folks might be.
I hopped back on the rollers this evening and began getting back into my regular routine. Last week, thanks to travel days and bad weather, I missed a few days of riding. And thanks to the good food in Greenville, I added a couple pounds and fell off the cholesterol wagon once or twice. So now it is back to obeying the rules and riding as often as I can. With the next trip to Taipei just a little over a week away, I'm trying to get as much riding and exercise in as I can before then. The legs felt pretty flat at first tonight, but they eventually warmed up and felt pretty good in the end. And, the weight update; 210.2 this morning.

Tomorrow is a medium sized big day for me- I'll elaborate and hopefully have pictures tomorrow. Until then... just keep guessing.

Since my eyelids are slamming shut on me, I guess it is time for bed. So until the next time...


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