Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And another thing...

I totally forgot to mention this before, but if you haven't already read this, go read the Chris Horner interview on Cyclingnews.

Chris is a fantastic rider and a great guy. Chris and I both worked in the same bike shop years ago and used to train on a lot of the same rides, along with Trent Klasna. I would often find myself begging for mercy in one of the weekly training crits, in a break with those two. Worse yet was when they were both on the local Wednesday training rides in the winter. Damn, those rides were far worse than any racing I've ever done.

Anyway, Chris is an incredible character and I enjoy rooting for him. He's in Oregon now, instead of San Diego, but he's still a local hero here. I smile a little every time I see an interview or article about him. He's just a good hearted guy.

So go check it out... NOW!


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