Wednesday, December 21, 2005

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things.

Since it is that time of year, I thought I'd put together a little shopping list for you of the bike-related things that I personally and whole heartedly endorse and recommend. I'm going to skip the whole Masi Bicycles thing, since that would be just too obvious. I mean, you're clearly a hearltess and soulless beast if you don't buy your friends and loved ones a Masi. Why should I beat a dead horse? I mean, really...

1) fi'zi:k Arione saddles. My arse is pretty much permanently shaped to the Arione. I have a couple of other saddles that I ride, one of which is the fi'zi:k Aliante (on my track bike and a darned nice saddle too). However, this is by far the best saddle I've ever put butt cheeks to. I know it isn't for everybody, no saddle is, but this thing is the best for me. The Arione Tri is the best tri/TT saddle I've been on too, so put it on your wish list... quickly.

2) Catlike Kompact 2 helmet. I love this thing! Hands down, this is the most comfortable and best fitting helmet to ever go on my noggin. The rear retention system and the overall fit make this thing sit perfectly all the time. Catlike is working on a new helmet called the Whisper that looks way to sexy for me to ever get my hands on. I mean, I don'tknow if I can handle it's awesome powers.

3) Arundel carbon bottle cages. My Arundel road cages are the prettiest ones I've seen yet and the aero bottle/cage combo kicks some serious booty as well.

The aero cage/ bottle combo is on my TT bike, of course, which brings me too...

4) The Luis Garneau TT helmet. This is definitely the most comfortable TT/ aero helmet I've ever strapped on. I mean, sometimes I sit at my desk for hours with it on. Normally these things are kind of uncomfortable thanks to the lack of vents, but this rascal is one comfortable lid.

5) SockGuy makes the most comfortable socks you could possibly ever put on your feet. Yes, they are local boys and friends of mine, but the socks are so very worthy of the praise, as are the aero shoe covers. Lately, the early mornings have been kind of chilly around here, but the heavy weight lycra booties have been enough to keep the tootsies toasty (and stylish). Their wool socks and Royale socks are awesome too. I know it is laundry day when I run out of SockGuy socks. The other socks just won't do.

6) Now, I know that this isn't exactly the kind of thing you can go to your local shop and buy, but this is decidely one of my very most prized (and most often used) bike dork possessions. If you ever see one for sale- BUY IT!

With the collector's value of these things going up, this could help send my kids to college. (Notice how I sneak in Masi in a picture of something by Ibis so I don't piss off the people who sign my checks for showing another brand's name.)

7) FSA Vigorelli carbon track cranks. These things are not only pretty to look at, but they are stiff mamma-jammas! The carbon "spider" has a lip that goes up and around the back of the chainring by about 5 millimeters to help stiffen the whole thing.

I know this is kind of a crappy picture of the crank and it doesn't show off the original 49t ring that came with it, but it does show off my track bike. Notice the cool rubber Keirin grips. The chainring is a 50t with a 15t cog for a 90" gear- my favorite sprint gear. "88 is great", but I don't have the same leg speed anymore and have to rely on power more these days. Still, the cranks are freakin' gorgeous.

8) Canari Cyclewear clothing. Yes, my former employers and friends. I am biased, I know, but the stuff is just outrageously good without costing too much money. Bike clothes are going to wear out eventually, if you really ride in them, so get something good. If good can also be cheaper than buying a new car, then great! I don't want to name anybody, but some clothing is just too darned expensive. Why? I won't speculate here. But I will say again that I have never personally had a line of clothing fit and function as well as the Canari clothing that I have ridden the past few years. Teams; Shaun Albin at Canari is one of the very best designers of custom clothing that you will ever work with. Seriously, he's incredible. He has been instrumental in the creation of the custom clothing line too and the products are freakishly good. Tell him I sent you and he might only charge you an additional couple bucks per item.

Ok, this is enough to get your holiday shopping list started. Yeah, I know there are only a few days left, so you better get the whip a-snappin!


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gwadzilla said...

right now I need to heal up...
I have what I need to ride
is there any way that i ask for an injury free decade...
a year and a season would not be enough