Monday, December 05, 2005

I love my WIFE... more than I love fi'zi:k.

I'm in a kettle of hot water over the last post about loving fi'zi:k. If you check the comments of that post, you'll see that there is one that begs for a bit of clarification as to where my affecctions lie.

So, in hopes of regaining a spot in my own bed this evening, let me set the record straight; I love my wife. I love her even more than a great Italian saddle with titanium rails and a super comfy t-shirt. I really dig the saddle and the shirt, but I can't think of anything or anyone I love more than my wife.


Now, honey, can I sleep in the bedroom tonight and not on the couch or in my car?



jbech said...

hmmm...i think masiwife should ask for 5 poems professing your love for her, before she lets in the bedroom... just a thought, other than that, real smooth masiguy

- masibestfriend

the old bag said...

...dark chocolate. Always works.

Anonymous said...

She can try whatever she's got. Then fizik give you the same saddle with carbon rails and your world just falls apart.
I got a bigger car so I can sleep in it better.