Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another weekend down.

Wow, folks, thanks for the support of the podcast and all the videos I've done over the past few days... especially the "wrap-up" with 5 videos. Man, that was painful to watch- I watched all of them for the first time just a moment ago. Ugh. I'll try to do better next time and keep it shorter.

Anyway, now that the novelty of the video is wearing off and I now know a little better what I'm doing, I'll be returning to more regular blogging. My goal is to do regular written blog posts, along with a couple videos per week and 1-3 podcasts per week as well. If I can do all of that, I'll be pretty happy. We'll see how long I can maintain that momentum.

Had a great ride yesterday- as I mentioned in one of the many videos- and had an even better ride today. Rode a couple hours on the fixed gear today and just felt awesome. My legs were sluggish and tired when I first rolled out, but as they warmed up, I felt really great. I didn't have a bunch of power, but once I got rolling the legs just felt so smooth on the pedals and the bike just felt perfect. It was one of those rare days where the riding felt magical. Man and machine were in harmony... it was awesome.

Tomorrow will likely be a short day in the office- I believe we'll be getting out a little early. Then on Tuesday, we're closed for the day and I intend to go out and ride my ass off. I'm going to try to do a ride that goes up a local mountain- Mount Palomar-and start my year off right... whining and complaining about how fat and outta shape I am. Just the same, it should be great fun.

So here's to hoping you all had great weekends and got to ride your favorite bike/s. I know I did.


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