Sunday, December 30, 2007

Video Weekly Wrap-up

Since I've been playing with all this new media stuff, I'm closing out this week with a video post.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5... the last one!

David Bernstein- FredCast, Spokesmen Podcast
Philip Gomes- Spinopsys
VeloNews calendar
Cyclepassion calendar
Rochelle Gilmore

Enjoy! (Sorry it is several videos...)

Extra Super Double Thanks to Ryan Rish of the Inferno Racing Team for his editing advice!


Anonymous said...

Really good, Tim, I'm lazy so you talking our blog posts works great for me!


Kazeebo said...

Man, a basket on a Soulville...what beautiful thing. :)

Happy New Year!

When you get back from Taiwan, you should buy one of those helmet-cams and we can all follow your training.

spokejunky said...

Like the fourth video. It has the whole Star Wars intro feel to it. Masi Wars: Episode Four: Attack of the Monocoque.

Anonymous said...

I second Kazeebo's suggestion of a Masicam. And thanks for the heads up on the cyclepassion calendar.

Anonymous said...

Love the "bike porn"!!

Happy New Year, you big shot video blogger you!!