Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Here's a video blog post for you! Easier than typing... that's for sure.

Blogger video;

Or YouTube, if you prefer;



Anonymous said...

Hey Tim - you should try for video editing. That's all online editing for you so should work for your needs.

And give Soapbox a try ( where limit is 100Mb. Disclaimer: I work for MSFT as you know.

Cheers, hope to see you at Blogger Social which very unfortunately is the same weekend as the Tour of Flanders ;)

This Rish Family said...


You probably have Windows Movie Maker on your PC; check in Programs -> Assessories.

You can bring in your 20 min. clip and cut it up in there and add basic transitions, titles, etc.

Movie Maker does crash often, but it's not a bad way to start editing video.