Saturday, December 01, 2007

Masiguy contest reminder!

Just a quick reminder; the most recent Masiguy contest (guessing the correct amount of SockGuy socks I have) technically ended last night at midnight. However, since I didn't post a closing reminder, I am extending it until midnight (my time) tonight.

Guess the correct number of SockGuy socks I have in my sock drawer (or be the closest) and win a care package of socks from my good friends at SockGuy and a cool lock from my very good friends at Kryptonite.

Time is running out!

(Place your votes here in the comments of this post or in the comment section of the original contest post.)


Bob G said...

is it midnight yet?!?!

I guess 18 wait my first instinct was 23 - unless you count the pairs that don't have a match - but that wouldn't be a fair contest. T -
Ride on!

Bernie said...

73 pairs

Bike Junkie said...

52 pairs

Anonymous said...

I have to say 17 pairs.Great blog.