Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick update...

The Boy's Weekend went really well, with hardly a hitch the whole time.

The ride on Saturday was very hilly- over 5,000' of climbing, with the biggest climbs being up Big Tujunga and Angeles Crest over the 55 miles of the ride. As I've said for some time now, at more than 6' tall and over 200lbs, I'm hardly the stereotypical climber. But man can I descend! The descent down Angeles Crest was insanely fun! I never once got out of the 53x11 and was going well over 50mph on a few of the straightaways.

Me, at the top of Big Tujunga... man, what a climb!

The Squirrel at the top of Tujunga- with miles to go to the top of Angeles Crest.

The two of us, preparing to finish the climb... and no, I'm not barfing.

There were really only two glitches;
1) I worked on my bike before leaving the office and driving north to LA... which of course meant that my shifting was terribly sporadic and I had chatter from the drivetrain the entire time.
2) Saturday night we went out to one of our favorite little punk rock bars, called the Burgundy Room. We were there long enough to close the place down... and were subsequently hungover enough to not want to ride on Sunday.

Outside of that, the Squirrel was a great host- as always. Thanks again buddy.



Sascha said...

damn you and your california sunshine!

spokejunky said...

I don't buy the no barfing...I'm certain I see a little photoshopping in that pic. ;)

Donna T. said...

spokejunky - I'm not sure about barfing...but seriously winded..yes...he just didn't want to admit that either. ;)

blue squirrel said...

sorry to dispel the myth, but tim is the biggest and i do mean biggest, sandbagger of them all. i don't know how he does it, but he gets that 200lb+ frame up the climbs faster than a graceful pelican. everything tim spouts out on a ride, is pure BS. he will put the hurt on, until he is the only one left hurting.

Jeff said...

Sounds like excellent prep for the B&L New Years Day Ride up Palomar.