Thursday, December 20, 2007

Words of advice;

Helpful cycling tip;

If you ever do/ don't want to truly freak out your neighbors, then do/ don't do this-

  • Ride your fixed gear bike on your trainer in your driveway after 9:00PM in sub 50 degree weather in a steady rain until your body temperature elevates to the point that the moisture on you and in your cycling clothing begins to convert to steam and it looks like you are on fire without flames.

Works every time. I promise.

Got out on my Speciale Fixed this evening to ride my stationary trainer (because I've been too lazy to go buy a replacement belt for my rollers). When I went out, it was a cool 50 degrees and dry. After about 5 minutes though, the temp dropped and the rain started. Since I was already out and the rain was light, I just kept riding. The rain came and went in constant waves- usually light, but there were a few that were fairly heavy and I eventually decided to call it a night when the tire wouldn't stop slipping on the resistance unit. The fluid resistance unit always generates a lot of heat from the internal friction and the cooling "fins" are usually pretty hot. Due to the rain, the unit was "smoking" with steam when I got off the bike. Because my body temperature was good and high from the workout, the water on my body and in my clothing was converted to steam- at one point, the steam was so heavy that I couldn't see past my self very well. It was actually pretty cool. The curious/ frightened looks of passersby was pretty funny. I normally get odd looks when I train in the driveway, but tonight might have been the prize winner.




Kazeebo said...

You should try it when the temp is in the 30's and there's precip in the air. It doesn't matter what time of day you're out. The neighbors all think you're a freak.

But yes, the moment you look down at your wool-clad arms and see sweat beading up and steam rising is a beautiful site.

Happy holidays! Get some good miles and rest everybody.

Ed W said...

I've had this persistent fantasy about putting on my helmet with a headlamp attached, and then going out to cut the grass with the power mower well after dark. It would confirm my status as the neighborhood loon.

But one of the best moments was coming home from work in a light drizzle after weeks of dry weather. The roads near the limestone quarry were covered with a fine slurry that passing cars and trucks sprayed over me and the bike. The effect was similar to one of those fade paint jobs. I was entirely light gray in front, except for my goggles, and must have looked like a smiling piece of statuary rolling along the road.

Anonymous said...

"I normally get odd looks when I train in the driveway"

I think you can pretty much just shorten that sentence to "I normally get odd looks" and leave it at that. ;-)