Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008! (And Masiguy Podcast #2)

Well, 2007 is almost a distant speck in our collective rear view mirrors and 2008 is directly ahead. I can honestly say that I am happy as heck to see 2007 vanishing and 2008 arriving... for very personal reasons. That said, 2007 did contain some of the greatest professional highlights of my life. As I've said before recently, 2007 has arguably been the best of my professional life. On a personal level, it ain't been so hot... but life goes on and I am putting my foot on the gas and going forward to a better tomorrow.

There were many highlights to the year for me, too many to try and remember and list all in one post. But the A&F team winning Athens Twilight with Mark Hekman was a highlight, as was traveling to Taiwan, Germany/ Switzerland and Japan. Having the new bikes do so well is nice- demand still greatly outpaces supply. Being a part of a wonderful book project- The Age of Conversation- was a major, major thrill and point of great pride. But... the biggest highlight? YOU. The community of friends I have built here continues to be one of the greatest sources of personal pride that I have. Many of the folks who read this crazy thing are now very good friends of mine- some of whom I get to see from time to time and others I sincerely hope to meet some day. I really can not thank you all enough for the support and friendship I have received- I am indebted.

2008 holds worlds of promise and potential. It's currently a blank slate and I have a pallet of oils ready to smear and shape and texture across the canvas. I'm no Van Gogh or anything, but I've got some clean brushes and a lot of ideas... so get ready. I look forward to continuing to grow and share with you all and to keep trying to make Masi Bicycles one of the most respected brands in the world again. I believe in the products and all the work we are doing, so I hope that continues to shine through and people continue to "get it".

As a special bonus for you tonight, I recorded a new Masiguy Podcast just a short while ago. It's a short podcast, so it's a little easier to listen to- just a few seconds shy of 15 minutes.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all. Here's to seeing '07 go away and '08 develop into the best year of our collective lives!



Paterfamilias said...

Happy New Year too!

I thought you said, just shy of 15 seconds... I was way off.

James said...

Wow Tim, I like the wordpress site for the podcast. Hurry up and get it in iTunes so I can subscribe.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year to you.