Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas (again) & I did it!

Merry Christmas to all. What a day...

Could not sleep last night and finally got out of bed at 4:00AM. By 7:30 I was on my bike rolling away from the apartment. I came home at 11:50... after riding between 90 to 100 miles. If my memory serves me correctly, it should have been 100, maybe 101 for the ride. I had to fight a killer headwind on the trip north for part of the ride, but I had an awesome tailwind on the way back. Not that it helped me going up any of the hills... but on the flats I was flying!

Afterwards, I went to my aunt's house for a late lunch with my extended family. (Last night I had the kids for dinner at my Mom's for our traditional get together with my brother and sisters- I'll have pictures up from that soon.) After eating that big meal, I then headed to the house of my best friend's mom... for another big meal. 3 in 2 days... and I feel it too. I've eaten a lot the past two days. Thank God I got some good mileage in today, or I'd burst at the seams.

I sincerely hope that everybody had a great day today- no matter what you did or how (if) you celebrated. Back to work in the morning... so I'll have to drag my bloated carcass out of bed and head to the office. Oh well... at least I'll be fat, tired and sleepy!


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