Friday, December 28, 2007

Masiguy on YouTube.

CK had a video on YouTube this evening and since I have been working on video and podcasting all night long (having forgotten to eat anything for dinner actually), I thought I'd just go ahead and do a little more video work tonight... because I'm delirious.

So here's my video;



Anonymous said...

Perfect! Lighting is great...sound is very clear.

But this is really a great format--you needn't get way professional. Like, keep it real, ya know? Hell, I have my silly cat in mine. People just want to get to know ya is all; and now you're connecting on a different level.

(remember, people connect best with other "real" people. Because they're our species ;-)

This is CK, btw. And I'm so proud of you.

Donna T. said...

Great job, Tim. You even managed to get a slight arm flail in there. :) Love the artwork beneath the Masi badge, too.
Can't wait for more...

masibestfriend said...

looked great on my iPhone. you'll have a subject next time, right?

Jeff said...

candle-lit ramblecasting!
subject schmubject.

Toby said...

Tim - great fun. looking forward to the next episode.