Saturday, December 01, 2007

Made it.

The ride this morning, though chilly enough to need knee warmers AND arm warmers, was good. The tail bone held up and even though the power isn't great, it's good enough that I think I'll be at the track in the morning to race.

Rode the first half of the local group ride and then split off on my own to ride in the terrible headwinds- we had winds today that were blowing at 30mph at times. Somehow, I managed to avoid the rains that came and went all day. I apparently rode between the fingers of the clouds and only got a light dusting of rain a couple times. Otherwise, I stayed dry. The roads were in crappy shape from all the rain the night before, with all the crud and debris washed out into the open. Still, I managed to avoid getting a flat somehow too. All in all, it was a great day to ride!

After I got back, I got myself a shower and then hopped on the SoulVille and headed out for lunch at one of my favorite local Japanese restaurants- Ichiban. After that, I cruised around for a bit and visited my friends at Adams Avenue Bicycles before heading back home.

A good ride, a good lunch, a good recovery ride... and a not-too-painful tail bone = pretty decent day.


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