Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bike to Work Week... and I suck!

Ok, this is Bike to Work Week, something I have supported for decades it seems. On top of it, today is our company designated Bike to Word Day as part of our effort to participate in the Commuter Cup sponsored by one of our industry competitors (the name starts with "S" and ends in "pecialized").

I didn't ride in today, haven't ridden in this week and likely won't the rest of the week either. Yes, the dedicated road guy and former commuter-extraordinaire (I didn't have a driver's license for 6 years because I only rode a bike... by choice, not court order) has not been participating. I have to hang my head in shame and express my mea culpa. The commute I face is about 90 miles round trip. With a wife and two children, I have a hard time justifying that kind of dedication of time during the week, especially since I'd be getting home as my youngest was heading to bed. Not to mention just being plain old dog-tired after a long day at the office.

So there's my whining, sniveling excuse and justification for my lack of participation in Bike to Work this year. It is something I support very profoundly, just not with my ass and legs this year. To all my commuting brethren- I apologize.


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dan23dan23 said...

Even I participated, and I have a 42.5 mile one way commute! I did take the train for part of the ride, the train and car portion of the commute only added up to 41.3 miles. Any who, next year you should drive part way, then bike in a few miles to make it count.