Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Randomly rolling along...

So the Giro was incredible this year! Man, oh man, that was a good one. My favorite since Hampsten's win in '88. Savoldelli rode a smart race and defended very well with a limited supply of support. Basso was superb, if unlucky, and proved that he is a legitimate threat to win any 3 week race he chooses to enter. Selle Italia proved that a wild card team can enliven the race and be a part of the action. Between Parra and Rujano, they were the little team that could... and did. Di Luca was never even mentioned as a contender for a 3 week race and he rode as bravely and strongly as a Merckx or Hinault. He is another Campione to watch.

The little princess turns 4 today, so the weekend was a birthday festival of fun, excitement and sugar comas. Two birthday parties with the two sets of Grandparents and aunts and uncles showering her with gifts. The princess even let her loyal subject, "Daddy", feed her some cake. He was duly gracious for the generosity. However, she changed her mind and didn't want to go for a bike ride in her trailer, since it would mess up her hair and new dress. So instead, I got to sneak off for a 60 mile ride with my best friend and we cruised along the coast on a gorgeous morning before heading inland for some climbing "fun". Rode the Speciale Carbon steel bike and really enjoyed finally putting it to the test. What a great riding bike! I still stick to my previous comments that it is my favorite of our current frames. That steel and carbon make for such a great riding bike.

There is a little mention of Taliah Lempert and Michael Gamstetter on Just Riding Along. Links to both of them showcase their artistic talents. What great artists they both are. When I was writing and editing for the currently-defunct magazine, iheartbikes, I got to see Taliah's paintings and read her words about her work. I was truly impressed by her and encourage you to look at her work some time. Michael Gamstetter is part of the brain trust at Bicycle Retailer and I really had no idea he was so artistically talented and was very impressed by his gallery of work. His portraits are really amazing and well worth taking a look at (now I have to become important enough in the industry that he will need to do a portrait of me too... that would be cool).


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Anonymous said...

my favotite was bugno beating motet, by leading from start to finish. that was classic. cioccioli's was also wonderous. but yes this year was one of the grandes dello ciclismo too