Thursday, May 05, 2005


I'm a crappy mechanic, I admit it. I can work on my own stuff and feel relatively confident that nothing will fall off when I'm done and riding, but I do get nervous working on somebody else's bike.

It took me two days (with multiple breaks to actually "work") to build my newest bike. It's the Speciale Carbon frame that I have been holding on to for months now. I love this frame... I mean I LOVE this frame. I had been holding out for a selection of super-trick, super-sexy parts (like somebody at Shimano or Campagnolo trying to buy me off with a new Record or Dura Ace group), but I just couldn't keep staring at the frame sitting at my desk. It was tearing me apart to look at it all day every day and not be out riding it. Yes, I'm that big of a dork!

This month there is a 3-day stage race I am supposed to do and I was thinking of using this bike in the hilly road race. I threw a compact carbon crankset on, to help get my fat sorry arse over the climbs. It'd be a little heavier than the Gran Criterium, but the better climbing gearing might be good for me. Plus, the steel frame might just get me to the climbs feeling a little fresher. Who knows? Maybe I'm spending too much time thinking about bikes and the possibility of riding a different bike in each stage of the race. (Kind of likely.)

A rumor has been circulating (by me of course) that my first track frame is being painted this week. In theory, I should be riding that rascal soon. I'm all tingly with anticipation! I'm really looking forward to seeing that sweet rig roll at the track and so are a number of other people there.

Gotta run and look at that bike again...


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