Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Score one for the Old, Fat, Outta Shape Guys!

Well, I wasn't gonna go race at the track last night, just because my head wasn't in it and my legs felt crappy, but my wife talked me into it. She basically told me to get out of the house so she could go with the kids and have dinner and go to the library. So off to the track I trotted!

Like I said, I just didn't feel motivated to race and my legs didn't exactly feel up to the task. I really pounded myself in training last week, so the legs are not great this week. At least that is what I thought...

The motorpaced event was the typical goober-fest. Not trying to insult anybody, but because there are riders of varying levels of fitness and experience, it just gets a little sketchy. So I did my 20-25 laps of warm-up and then headed back to stretch.

We did a 6 Laps + "Danish" next. "Danish" is another name for a Win-and-Out. Effectively, we did a 6-lap go-til-you-blow and then the Win-and-Out. I just missed out on making the winning move, but had the satisfaction of being one of the main animators and was in it for the win. That was cool!

Next was a Miss-and-Out, which I hate, especially when there are about 20+ riders in the race. Just means you're going to be fighting for position for a long time. I hung in for longer than I really wanted to and then eliminated myself to rest for the final. The best part was that just before the race started, my wife showed up with the kids and I got to have my special cheering section. My daughter will be four this month and she can really scream! I could hear her voice all the way on the backside of the track. She was jumping up and down and screaming those little lungs out... now that is worth the entry fee right there.

45 lap Points race finale. As a non-endurance specialist, this has never been my event. Still, it is great training and with the State Master's Criterium Championship coming this weekend, I needed the workout. On lap 8 they announced a "Beer Prime" and I wound up the 50x15 and bolted for the finish line. I had nearly a half lap by the time I got to the line and won my Red Stripe ("Hooray for beer!"). I kept it rolling and got myself second in the sprint for the points on lap 10. So I got a beer and points... I also won a pair of socks... the Masi socks I donated for prizes! D'Oh! So I tossed the socks into the stands for the spectators and hung out and drank my beer.

Overall, not a bad night. Next week is Sprint night again and I hope to erase my stupidity from the last one.


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