Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not to be the bad guy here, but...

I don't want to sound like a big, bad Corporate Demon trying to squash anybody, but I have to post a warning to potential consumers shopping on eBay for a new Masi.

There are currently a few Masi bikes, brand new 2005 models still in the box, being sold on eBay. Please note that the bikes currently listed do not come from an authorized Masi dealer and therefore do not have any warranty. These bikes were purchased, from what we can tell, "grey market" from a shop that was closing and going out of business and are now being sold on eBay. These are great bikes and are being sold at a good price, but please be aware of the situation.

Here's the story; we adamantly support our dealers and do all that we can to protect them. We have signed dealer agreements with our retailers so that they know their rights and we have recourse if a dealer is doing something wrong. It is a protection for both parties and the ultimate goal is to make sure that our retail partners are serving consumers the best way possible.

So there you have it. The internet and eBay have been a mixed blessing for all of us who sell "stuff". Great deals are out there to be had- I have certainly taken advantage of many myself. Just know what you are buying, who you are buying from and the history behind the scenes.

Here ends my Public Service Announcement for the day. Honestly, this is offered as a protection to potential buyers.


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