Friday, May 20, 2005

Track revisited;

Ok, been getting inquiries about track bikes/ frames. So here goes; nothing yet. Not even my sample to test yet. However, that sample is supposed to be shipping to me on Monday next week. Soon after that I should be fighting for a finish line on it.

Here's the idea;
Complete steel bike for around (less than) $600.00. City fixed gear/ single speed road bike with brakes and a cool parts mix. Something really cool to ride as a winter training or an everyday fun bike. Still capable of doing laps on the old oval, but not too aggressive for first time trackies.
Aluminum full-blown racing frame and fork. Something suitable for anything you want to throw at it and ready for a World Cup track event. Aggressive and built for speed. If you want to go slow, don't bother getting this thing! Aero tubing and rear wheel cutout in the seat tube and replaceable dropout inserts.

ETA is still TBD, but I'll let you know ASAP.



Velorution said...

Hi Masiguy, nice blog; where is the newsfeed?

Tim Jackson said...


Thanks and what newsfeed are you asking for? What news are you wanting to see? I'm here for you!


Anonymous said...

Any chance of it coming with a flip flop hub so you can run a freewheel on one side, and a fixed on the other?