Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Get them doggies rollin'... Rawhide!

Cyclingnews ran the team press release today (albeit at the bottom of the page- best for last), so the team is once again in the news. Yippee!

More team developments will be following soon... I promise.



Anonymous said...

i was just singing that on my ride this morning..... although i was told to keep it down as people are still sleeping, whatever... can't stop a quattro espresso

Anonymous said...

Only if the world's greatest catIV could swing a sponsorship deal!

Way to go on getting the brand out there! Hopefully this team will get a big name sponsor and will be able to compete in a lot of the premier events so the majority of pretend racers like myself can oogle at their bikes and cool helmets!

iruntheteam said...

Well, I have yet had the time to comment myself on the whirlwind our team has experienced over the past few weeks, but here goes. We [Team Inferno], too, are very happy with the way things transpired with Tim and his MASI brand. In fact we are more than happy; elated, ecstatic, proud . . . I could go on and on.
Inferno has moved from nothing, to club, to club/elite, to elite to now Pro/elite (under different names prior to 2006) if allowed one of the few UCI licenses available (15 slots with 23+ teams hunting them down).
We are not new to NRC. Some of us are not new to riding in Pro pelotons, either. But, Inferno is new this year and has happened into some pretty overwhelming support. Really - down to chamois cream! We have somehow become the spotlight/spokespersons for some great companies (Spinergy, Masi, Verge Sport and so many more). We will do our best to represent these companies in the way that they deserve! And I should note as well, that I have had the fortune to cast a great roster of VERY professional guys to do just that.
Perhaps the most fortunate aspect, though, is the type of leadership/representation we are blessed with, due to being involved with great companies such as Masi. The best example is MASIGUY himself, Michael Jackson (or is that Tim?).
Seriously, if all my guys (and I say that because I not only ride for the team, but own and operate it with the assistance of many persons) were as passionate [crazy] as Tim, we would not worry about a thing!
So, wish us luck on the UCI bid. Either way, we will be there (elite or pro) next to the other pros. And, we will be a power to recon with; aboard our Masi Gran Criteriums, of course.
Thanks, Tim!