Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tragic accident leads to cyclist's death.

On Thanksgiving day, a local San Diego cyclist was killed in a freak accident while riding. I have been racking my brains to figure out if he is somebody I know, but since I am horrible with names I would have to see him and his bike to know him. However, many people I know do know him and their lives have been touched by this tragic death.

If you take the time to read the obituary, you'll see a trust has been established for the family of Dr. Michael Hart, but I am adding it below this post as well. If you can, please make a donation.

As a cyclist and a parent/ husband, this tragic news really struck me. I have to admit that while I was riding yesterday, flying down a hill, I had a moment of terror as I thought of my wife and kids. I've talked to two of Dr. Hart's friends who have both stated that he wouldn't want either of them to give up cycling out of fear of what happened to him, knowing how much they all loved riding. It is true that you have to keep going and not allow fear to take away the things in your life that bring you joy. I'd be a miserable S-O-B if I didn't ride and my wife would likely want to kill me. I've certainly come close to being killed many times while riding. It's always on my mind, but the health benefits and the joy cycling brings me will hopefully extend my life rather than shorten it. I know it is a hollow consolation to say to Dr. Hart's wife and kids that he died doing the thing he loved to do, but it is the truth.

I know that I can never say or do anything that will change this reality for his family, so there is no point in trying. My thoughts and prayers are with them and all of his friends and family. I'll probably think of him a lot for a while, maybe forever, and try to be as safe as I can be.


Donations are suggested to the Michael Hart Memorial Fund, c/o Grossmont Family Medical Group, 5525 Grossmont Center Drive, No. 200, La Mesa, CA 91942.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the nature of the malfunction that caused the accident?