Thursday, November 03, 2005

It doesn't get much better than this...

First, thanks for all the comments to yesterday's post- much appreciated. (Honey, really, don't read that post!)

My daughter is a budding Van Gogh or maybe a Dali, I'm not sure. However, today I got a new portrait from her; Daddy on his bike

Notice the wild, wide-open bug-eyes. That's probably my "oh crap" face. I have no pupils in my eyes and my hair is bright red (which it isn't really), but at least I have that nice manic smile going on.

This one is a family portrait. My wife is pictured to the left, kinda, but I swear she isn't actually taller than me. I'm the ant-like character in the middle. I've been told that I am holding my daughter because she is crying about losing her balloon (I'm not sure about the balloon thing). The green puff on the brown circle is a tree on a hill. I don't know where she got the whole Japanese anime-style eyes for us. Notice how we have big bug-eyes, but we all have one really big bug-eye.

This one is my favorite though. Guess what it is... nope. It's a dragon with a baby dragon. Why the dragon doesn't get bug-eyes, I'm not sure. The "baby" looks a lot like a hairball to me. The pink things on top are the wings. The red/orange ring around the dragon is fire from the dragon's "breath". I think the fire is what happened to the face too... sort of looks like a scab to me. I thought it was a bunny with chicken legs and an egg... but I was wrong.


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