Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blogger oneupmanship...

The game is on now!

David Parmet took the whole blogging whore thing a little too far. Scott got the ball rolling and Josh threw kerosene on the fire. Well, because I find all of this endlessly funny and because as a bike racer I'm too darned competitive for my own good, I am now raising the bar and turning this into a real battle...

I can't stand to be left out of a good race... maybe it's a race to the bottom, but it's a race none the less!

(I can play the shameless self-promotion game with anybody... fools!)

Now, let's see what the linking/ cute stuff battle produces!

(PS- I posted this on Sunday and it didn't show up until today- Monday. Darned Blogger!)


Donna Tocci said...

Ok, you've upped it to TWO kids now...but you'd win hands down if there was a photo of the cute kids AND the puppy!

Paterfamilias said...

Umm, I own this with my three kids, but where I will also take the cake is that my blog is all about my kids. I don't hide my family deep within a biker blog. Follow the link, and I'm sure you will agree.

Anonymous said...

they're not Tim's kids.

Midgets run in Tim's family and these are but a few of the "Shorter" Masi folks

The Donut Guy said...

Your kids are cuter:-)

You win.

Paterfamilias said...


Thank you, and Tim once again I won!

Scott Baradell said...

Pretty darn cute!!

gwadzilla said...

love the banner at the top of the page

gwadzilla said...

so that was not spam
just a compulsive blogger like myself

gwadzilla said...

the electronic image and the real image are two different thing
I bet it is funny for anyone who has read my blog to see an image of me from time to time
as a semifrequent reader I think I had a mental image of what you looked like
and just like all my fine detective work
my electronic imagination has no resemblence to the reality