Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good ride and great cause.

Many of you will remember Davis Phinney. Davis was a member of the groundbreaking 7-11 team. Davis was an Olympian and a Tour de France stage winner. Davis was also a hero to many a budding young cyclist during his career- including me. Davis won many other races, more than any other rider in US history, and is racing now to help find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Davis and his wife Connie (oh yeah, she's the one who won the very first women's road race at the Olympics in 1984) have been working to help find a cure and raise awareness about Parkinson's ever since Davis was diagnosed in 2000.

I was approached a few days ago by Dave Thompson (via a friend), who is the Sponsorship and Event Manager for Rocky Mountain Events. Dave wanted to know if I'd help distribute a press release about the Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle Alpine Classic. This wonderful and challenging ride will be benefitting the Davis Phinney Foundation, so I of course said "yes". I sincerely hope that if you have the chance to participate in the event that you will. If not, I hope you'll consider a donation to the foundation instead. It's a good cause that deserves your consideration.

I can remember watching Davis sprint to victory in the Bordeaux stage of the 1987 Tour de France. Though I was a skinny little climber at that time in my life, I wanted to be a sprinter like Davis. His exuberant victory salute as he came across the finish line is still pretty crisp in my head. Thanks for the great memories Davis!

The return of the Classic!
The famous Copper Triangle has long been considered one of the classic Colorado alpine road rides. Graced with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous roads and three challenging climbs, the Copper Triangle exemplifies cycling in the Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle Alpine Classic will be reborn on August 5, 2006 as an impeccably supported ride. It will offer both recreational and competitive cyclists the opportunity to participate in a challenging and meticulously supported organized ride.

The Course
The Copper Triangle course is a spectacular 78-mile loop cresting three Colorado mountain passes
• Freemont Pass (elevation 11,318’)
• Tennessee Pass (elevation 10,424’)
• Vail Pass (elevation 10,666’)
The course passes three ski areas and is littered with historic mining outposts and Camp Hale, the training ground for the famous 10th Mountain Division.

Where: Copper Mountain Ski Resort at Burning Stones
When: August 5, 2006
Cost: Mail in registration $90 (by June 27)
Online Registration $90 (by June 27), $105 (from June 28 to August 3)
Ride-Weekend Registration $120 (August 4 & 5)

What’s included:
• Custom designed ShaverSport cycling jersey
• Refreshments and support throughout the ride
• An invitation to the “Alpine Celebration” post-ride picnic
at Copper Mountain Resort

The Davis Phinney Foundation

Every Victory Counts!

Whether it’s crossing the finish line of the Tour de France in first place, or simply standing up to the challenge of buttoning a shirt, Every Victory Counts!

Davis Phinney should know. He’s been counting his victories for more than 30 years; first as the record holder for the most cycling wins in U.S. history, and most recently as a formidable contender in his daily battle against Parkinson’s disease.
Even after his life-altering diagnosis with young-onset Parkinson’s disease at age 41, Davis has continued to focus on the many positive aspects of his life, and is encouraging thousands worldwide to do the same.

The Davis Phinney Foundation was created in 2004 to support Parkinson’s disease research and improve the lives of those challenged by the disease. The Foundation raises vital dollars to help fund the research of curative therapies for Parkinson’s patients and investigations into the causes of the disease. For more information, go to the web site www.davisphinneyfoundation.com

$10.00 of your registration fee will go directly to the
Davis Phinney Foundation with no administration fees.

Contact information:

Hotline: 303-282-9020
E Mail: dave@coppertriangle.com



Donna Tocci said...

Although I came to cycling later than you so I missed Davis' victories, I admire him very much. My grandfather had Parkinson's Disease. Anyone who is not only fighting this disease, but also working to make a real different by helping to raise awareness and funding has my utmost respect. Bravo!
And thank you, Tim, for passing on the word about this charity and event.

Sascha said...

I could be up for that. I was just thinking that it's time to schedule a vacation to Colorado. I was going to go in late July, but I could maybe move it out a few weeks. I hate Parkinsons and Alzheimers and have experienced them up close and personal when I worked in a nursing home as a teenager many years ago.

Anonymous said...

The Copper Triangle loop is freaking awesome. My parents live a about 90 minutes from Copper, so I've driven out there and done that ride a few times. It's solid, fun, beautiful, everything you'd expect.

If you need a place to stay...