Thursday, March 09, 2006

A little help for a friend...

My good friend over at Kryptonite, Donna Tocci, sent me a press release announcing their new involvement with a few more events. This is really cool to me for a couple of reasons;
1) Donna trusts me not to make her look like a fool by saying/ doing something stupid
B) Donna thinks I can help her spread the good word for Kryptonite

I think both are cool- as are the events Kryptonite is supporting.

So without further ado;

Bike To Work Days (DC & San Francisco Bay Area), Moonlight Classic and
North American Cycle Courier Championships Welcome Lock Manufacturer

Canton, MA March 9, 2006 - Kryptonite, a brand in Ingersoll Rand's Security Technologies Sector, has announced its involvement as the exclusive lock sponsor of four premier cycling events throughout the 2006 season. Kryptonite increases its previous support of both Bike to Work Day in Washington, DC and the North American Cycle Courier Championships and adds the 14th Annual Kaiser Permanente Moonlight Classic and Bike to Work Day, San Francisco Bay to the more than 50 cycling events nationwide it sponsors each year.

"Kryptonite has always supported as many grassroots cycling events a year as possible. Most years this is between 50 and 100 bicycle and motorcycle related events around the country as it will be again this season," said Tim Clifford, Director of Sales. "By picking these four stellar events as focal points this year we are supporting not only the messengers, who are long-time Kryptonite users, but also commuters on both coasts and thousands of recreational riders in Colorado. This cross-section is a good representation of Kryptonite's diverse customer base."

The 12th Annual Bike to Work Day, San Francisco Bay will take place on Thursday, May 18, 2006. Kryptonite will team up with the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition of the San Francisco Bay Area to provide numerous raffle prizes for participants in the nine surrounding counties who join tens of thousands of other cyclists across the country in commuting by bicycle. The Coalition will partner with local bicycle coalitions and sponsors to provide "Energizer Stations" during the morning commute to support the Bay Area riders.

"Bike to Work Day is meant to inspire more first-time and casual riders to experience the benefits of using their bicycles to get to work or school," said Cole Portocarrero, Executive Director of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition. "With the help of sponsors like Kryptonite we will be able to better spread our message that bicycling is a fun, socially rewarding and convenient means of transportation."

Kryptonite has been a long-time supporter of Bike to Work in Washington, DC. This year the company has partnered with organizers, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Commuter Connections, a program of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, to increase its sponsorship, acquiring exclusivity in the security category. The region-wide event will be held on Friday, May 19, 2006 at 21 "pit stop" celebrations throughout the Washington area and attract approximately 5,000 cyclists.

"Kryptonite identifies all urban locations, including Washington, DC and San Francisco, as areas where recreational and serious riders alike need to be educated about securing their bicycle," continued Clifford. "Kryptonite is happy to support the nine Bay Area counties and the regions in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia on Bike to Work Day and all throughout the year."
Bike to Work Day in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas is open to all commuters. Each cyclist joining the festivities receives a free t-shirt, refreshments and chances to win raffle prizes.

"Bike to Work Day encourages commuters to try bicycling to work as a clean and healthy alternative to driving each day to the office," said Eric Gilliland, Director, Washington Area Bicyclist Association. "Kryptonite has been an avid supporter of this event for many years through their product donations. We happily welcome their increased sponsorship as the official lock sponsor this year through their donations and on-site participation."

Bicycling Magazine recently named the Kaiser Permanente Moonlight Classic the 'Cool Event' in Denver. Over 6,000 recreational cyclists will participate in this 14th annual event held this summer on August 19, 2006. Riders pedal through the deserted streets of Denver in the middle of a warm summer night while raising money for Seniors! Inc. This non-profit is dedicated to promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life as we age. The 15-mile, unique ride ends at the Lunar Fiesta for breakfast, music, awards and raffle prizes.

"The Kaiser Permanente Moonlight Classic gives every recreational cyclist the opportunity to tour landmarks old and new in Denver, have fun with new friends and raise funds for Seniors! Inc.," said Dave Thompson, Event Manager. "We are pleased to welcome first-time sponsor Kryptonite to this year's event. They will be joining all of the cyclists and their families at the downtown festivities; we think they will agree that this is one of the coolest events in all of Colorado, maybe even the whole country."

The Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association hosts the 9th Annual North American Cycle Courier Championships at the end of the summer. On Labor Day Weekend over 500 messengers will compete in races, bicycle polo and bike skid events among other events. Beginning on September 1, racing will be happening on closed courses throughout the city of brotherly love and surrounding areas.

"Kryptonite has been a loyal partner for messengers and messenger events worldwide for many years," said Roland Burns, NACCC Sponsorship Coordinator. "Most messengers use Kryptonite so it should be no surprise that they were our first choice for the exclusive bike lock sponsor of NAC3s. It will be great to have them on-site for the event, too."

About Kryptonite
Kryptonite, innovator of the bicycle U-lock, has offices in Canton, Massachusetts, USA. The company is a premier producer of high-quality cables, chains, U-locks and flexible security systems for the bicycle, powersport, snowsport, locksmith and hardware markets. Kryptonite locks are sold in more than 50 countries. Kryptonite is a business unit of diversified industrial-firm Ingersoll-Rand Company, a leading innovation and solutions provider for the major global markets of security and safety, climate control, industrial solutions and infrastructure. Further information on IR can be found on the company's website at


Anonymous said...

The WHOLE release? you are making me blush...
You ROCK! Thanks so much, my friend.
Happy Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Kryptonite lock on my commuting bike. And I wrote a post about it last year when I got it. They replaced my old lock after the lock-hacking thing came out. They truly did the Right Thing by standing behind their product. But at the same time, the new lock doesn't have the same quality feel to it. The lock mechanism feels cheesy, and it doesn't feel or look like it was manufactured to the same tolerances as their old locks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan:
Thanks for the nice comment, and the constructive comment. Although I'm sure this will sound like corporate BS, we truly take all comments we get about our locks, compile them and get them to our product guys and engineers. Some changes in products truly have come from customer input. And, we've created products for specific consumer groups - like messengers.
As for your lock, I'm sorry you feel that it is 'cheesy'. It certainly is manufactured to our high standards. We do know that people are having a hard time getting used to the new cylinders, though. We're constantly working on changes, Stan. Although the engineers won't always tell me in advance...they think I'll run out and tell someone..or why would they get an idea like that?! :)
Thanks for being such a loyal customer, Stan! We truly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan - I count 3 'truly's in that post. Oy! Like I would be speaking 'untruly'? No. It's after 5pm on Friday and my brain is fried. But I do mean what I said....and now it's time for some Chinese...that will help clear my head, right?
Happy Weekend, all!