Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Daily Drive- Late again... again

I know it's a bit late, but today was packed full of stuff, so late it is (as opposed to not at all)...

If you haven't already noticed- my daughter is far cuter and better looking than me... even when staring out the window.

Today is the first non-SockGuy sock to be pictured- I have to admit it hurts a little;

Two reason why I am wearing these socks; 1) they were a gift from my cousin Steve who is a great friend of mine and one of my first riding partners when I moved to California. Steve is an avid cyclist and has been an Ibis fan for years- if memory serves, he has 3-4 Ibis bikes. 2) I love Ibis. Scot Nicol is hands-down one of the coolest people in the world and I love what he does. If you have never read the Ibis blog, go do it right now! I interviewed Scot for my other blog about a year ago (which means I need to do another interview with you Scot... if you're reading this...) and it was a thrill. Seriously, the guy is just amazingly smart and funny.

The socks have a roll down collar that reads "ibis" and they are warm and wool... if only they were SockGuy socks...
The socks were accompanied by a kick-ass t-shirt too... lucky me! (Thanks again Steve!)

Ok, don't forget the B-List. Many folks are already spreading the love, so jump on board and add your favorites too.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the schwag.
Cousin Spanky