Monday, January 22, 2007

Daily Drive- Taiwan!

Ok, I'm gonna try and post this and hope it works. The internet service here in the hotel has been very bad so far, but signal is ok this morning. It is just after 6:00 AM local time Tuesday and you folks are still in the middle of your afternoon on Monday... weird, isn't it?

Here is the drive Monday to the beginning of our day of factory visits;

Ok, so me you recognize... Jill Hamilton (ATB Brand Manager) is the head behind me, Pat Crosby (Adult Product Manager- ATB) next to her, Wayne Doran (Adult Product Manager- Masi/ATB) next to him, and the shoulder at the far right is Michael (whose last name I can't remember) from our host. *Michael gets special mention for graciously driving us around all over the place and for pointing out things of interest to us... and for not getting us killed on the streets of Taiwan.

I didn't get a shot of my socks, but they are SockGuy and they are the Masi socks. What else would they be?

Ok- gotta run for now. I will be back if possible. Gotta get breakfast before the next round of visits. More pictures- if the connection holds up...

*Update- Michael Tai is our fantastic escort, driver, translator and friend here. Many, many thanks friend.

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