Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Helping a friend; Jax 4 Joe fundraising ride

Once in a while I get an email from a friend who'd like a little help with something. Sometimes it's a cycling buddy looking for some help locating a bike or a part, maybe it's one of my industry friends looking for a little extra distribution of a company press release, etc. And some times it's friend helping a friend and looking for a little extra help for a good cause. Well, this is all about that last category.

My good friend at Shimano, Daniel Limburg, sent me an email about a fundraising event happening on Saturday, March 17th (St Pat's) for Joe Schraff, who is the service manager at the Jax Huntington Beach store. I've never met Joe, but if Daniel tells me he's a good guy, I believe him. Besides any person who gets a bunch of support rallied behind them when they need help is clearly a good person.

Joe has cancer and is battling for his life. He also works in the bike industry and that doesn't exactly come with large bags of money. On top of it, the treatments he needs to pay for are not covered by his insurance (I won't even go into that in this space, but I have some real thoughts on that...). Anyway, Joe needs our help to be able to get the treatments that will hopefully keep him alive so he can continue to be a part of the cycling community in Hungtington Beach. So I ask you to read the flyer here and do whatever you can to help out- it's what we do.

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Joe- if you happen to read this, I'm pulling for you man. You'll beat this thing, again, and the miles will keep adding up on your odometer! My thoughts are with you buddy.



dan23dan23 said...

I'm gunning for a ride! So if you live in this area, and would like to feel good about yourself, please donate to Jax4Joe and ride with me!



dan23dan23 said...

Sadly, Joe passed away this Monday at 1am. Joe was an amazing person, always had a smile, he was never afraid to help someone out on the bike, and he never complained! The cycling world will miss you!