Friday, January 05, 2007

Daily Drive- yeah, yeah... it's late again...

Working on my "tough guy" image. It needs work...

SockGuy sock dujour for a Friday?

Nothing really says "it's Friday" quite like a 40 of OE! Ok, maybe something does, but I don't know what it is right now.

(Note; Thanks for all the questions and comments regarding the car situation. I will post about the ordeal later, when I have composed my thoughts better and can speak with a clear head. It ended up being a very bad experience that has unfortunately ruined my faith in Saturn. It sucks, but your support has been very much appreciated.)

PS- Add your favorites to the B-List and don't forget the video contest ends on the last day of this month.


Anonymous said...

You're working on a tough guy image? Pls. don't tell me that Saturn has bruised you so much that you're leaving Group-Hug guy and becoming Group Thug guy.

Say it ain't so....

P.S. While not tough and not a guy, I don't believe tough guys shave their legs. I'll check with some of your cycling friends to confirm or deny that.

gianandrea said...

as said by norman mailer: tough guys don't dance!
there is no mention about shaving ;-)

Chris said...

Those are the best socks I have seen on you so far. OE RULES!

blue squirrel said...

my only comment is don't waste the 'track stare' on saturn, use it when it counts at nationals and [oops another comment] i remember, with some good, but mostly bad memmories of OE 800 being the champagne of choice after rides many many many years ago [i'll stop now before i incriminate myself, i think i was 21...]

i bet you miss that GTI with 257,000 miles on it, when i gave it to you.... [it was the last american built volkswagon]. i do have to thank you for getting that 1% chance that i would buy american next time, out of my german speaking brain.

stay tough, stay focused and don't start your sprint too soon. now go ride.

blue squirrel said...

wowowowoowow, wait a second, what are those fat tires doing in the back your, huh, is it a car, oh no its a saturn...???

Sara B said...

I'm fairly sure that tough guys don't wear plaid.

gianandrea said...

fat tires bring you everywhere (in case of car failure).....

Donna Tocci said...

If it has taken you this long to calm down, it must be a doozie of a story....sorry, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Man, I need a pair of those socks!

Ian Stanford said...

Those socks are straight-up O.G!

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