Thursday, January 04, 2007

Daily Drive

In my own car today- no comment...

SockGuy sock dujour;

Black WC Royale... the anti-champion... that's me! All dark and sinister... yep...

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Anonymous said...

what do you mean no comment? You can't leave us hanging like that...
What happened with Saturn? Are you all dark and sinister because you are about to get revenge on the man?

dan23dan23 said...

Yeah, what al said!

If I don't hear at least what the problem was/wasn't then no Sushi for you on my next visit... (Though I don't think I am mean enough to do it, buy your coworkers might just be...)

We want to know the following:
1. What was the real problem.
a. What caused the stall etc.
2. What did it cost you?
a. Did you get your money back?
3. Will you ever buy a Saturn again?
a. Will you plan a Saturday ride/picket that Saturn dealer for the next year?

Anonymous said...

Come on, Tim. Don't leave us hanging! What happened with Saturn?!?

Tim Jackson said...

I'll comment later; collecting my thoughts and calming down.

gianandrea said...

tim, what's up with the bloody car? you look really upset.