Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Daily (Double) Drive

Ok, today's Daily Drive is a two-fer since I didn't post one yesterday. We'll start off with yesterday's drive;

Once again the Masidaughter steals the show.

Masiguy is buying a gun... a very big gun... so don't get any ideas, would-be suitors.

In this picture you can see the scars left on my face from the hit and run from a few years ago. The dark color along my jaw and neck are caused by the oils on the road surface- kind of like a tattoo. The chin took seven stitches. What you can't see is the scar in the center of my upper lip and the two scars inside my mouth where I nearly bit through both lips. Both lips are now "thicker" from the scar tissue and have given me the tiniest bit of a lisp (really, I'm probably the only one who will ever notice it). My vocal chords where also damaged; I actually am physically unable to scream now.

Today's drive;

Did I mention I'm buying a very big gun?

Notice the kickass blue coffee mug? Here's a better shot...

Thanks to the bestest (or is that more betterer?) editor of a marketing website in the entire world- Ann Handley. I'm a contributing writer on the wonderful marketing site Marketing Profs Daily Fix and I am so very, very honored to be listed in the same Contributors List as many of the brightest minds in marketing. I'm way, way outgunned by these folks, but they let me come play with them anyway. I think it's a pity thing personally, but they are pretty nice to me anyway. Ann only makes me get her coffee a couple times a week and I only have to pick up her laundry on Fridays (most weeks). All kidding aside, Ann is awesome and the Daily Fix is an amazing assembly of talent and I am really honored to be a member of the group. Thank you for the mug Ann- I love it.

I was gonna add my SockGuy images, but Blogger and Firefox seem to be fighting with eachother right now. Yesterday I wore the green Royale and today was the Dopers Suck socks. Sorry I can't put the pictures up...


(PS- We recorded another episode of the Spokesmen podcast this morning, so it should be available either this evening or tomorrow some time.)


The Donut Guy said...

Our daughter was that cute when she was that age as well.

She's now 19 years old and is a stunner.

She has more male friends then I count, so be afraid:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey nice mug! (Coffee cup renders well, too!)

: )

Bestest Ann