Friday, January 12, 2007

Special thanks to my friends; they don't like Saturn either!

I know I said that I would stop talking about my Saturn issues and I meant it, really... but...

I'm not going to talk about the issue myself, because these great friends have taken up the torch themselves;

Gavin Heaton at Servant of Chaos posted not one, or two, or three , but four different posts!
Sean Howard at Craphammer (man I love that name) chimed in too.
Paul McEnany with Hee-Haw Marketing also jumped in, during his breathers from going after Kohl's.
Then Becky Carroll from Customers Rock! picked up the ball and ran with it.
And the icing on the cake is my buddy Ted who not only posted a little note, but he changed his blog header title to "Saturn Sucks!!!!"

I want to thank each of you for really helping to brighten up a crappy experience for me. Many other friends have commented and added their voices as well. I thank each of you too.

In moments like this, I am profoundly reminded about the close friends I have made through blogging- thank you all.

(Man am I glad I'm not Sam Mancuso, the Director of Marketing at Saturn, right about now..)


Anonymous said...

I heard about that Sam Mancuso guy. I hate that guy!

And your welcome, Tim. We've all got to stick together in situations like these. I wish the outcome had been better, but we can at least feel good about the fact that WE don't have to be the sad, miserable, greedy, lonely "humans" working for Saturn.

Anonymous said...

hey, how about my 'saturn sucks' tattoo???? jezz what does a best friend have too do?

Anonymous said...

OK ... maybe that is my next series of posts ... subject line "Sam Mancuso -- man or beast"?

Then I need a little Flash game -- punch Sam. Think I have a buddy who can help me out. Anyone have a photo?

Over ... over? We're just getting started!

Anonymous said...

SATURN, as we have known it, is GONE within GM heirarchy.
OPEL variants are quickly replacing past SATURN offerings going forward.
There appears little reason to purchase a new SATURN vehicle when existing OPEL wares represent the 'next generation' of GM offerings.
The 2007 SATURN Aura, 2008 Chevy Malibu and existing-future Cadillac CTS series are OPEL variants.

:) said...


Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Tim. The blogging community look out for each other!

It is just too bad that customer expectations were so high for the Saturn, and GM has done such a good job of crushing them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone interested in GM Saturn's marketing "efforts" ARE listening. Had a couple of referrals to my site from:

Anonymous said...

Man ... it is still kicking around ... check this:

Also, Sam Mancuso ... is he still the Marketing Director -- I think he was replaced last year by Dave Smidebush. And damn, I can't find any photos of either!

Anonymous said...

Well, I love my Saturn! How about you get a life and find something better to complain about with your friends. And to Paul McEnany, the people who work for Saturn (now sadly completely GM)are very proud of their cars and love them too. My first car was a Saturn and it saved my life. Would have been dead at 18, the policeman said he couldn't believe I lived...and without a scratch. (a semi hit me and I was knocked off a bridge and into oncoming traffic). I now proudly own a Saturn Vue. Maybe you should try supporting something American sometime.

Tim Jackson said...

Anonymous- Thank you for your comment, though the "tone" is off the mark. Please understand my position relevant to my complaint- the car, the car dealership and Saturn Customer Service are what let me down. It was the car- not the people who built it- that endangered me and my wife and two children. As vehemently as you support Saturn for your belief the car saved your life, I am as disappointed in what happened with my Saturn. I still own it and I still drive it- warts and all. My complaint was never with the people who build the cars and I never pointed a finger of blame at them. I am sorry that you take offense to my anger when the car and the dealership both left me down and endangered not only my life, but the lives of my family; that is something I take very seriously.

I am sincerely glad that you are alive today because of your Saturn and I am sure you are not the only one.

Keep driving and supporting what makes you feel good. That's each of our rights to do so.