Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting closer...

Thursday night I remained at work until 11:40PM... yes, nearly midnight. Our Graphic Art Director and El Presidente were there until around 4:00AM, so I got off lucky. The good news is that I managed to get a whole lot done, even though our computer server was down for relocation, which meant I had no internet or email. Now that I think about it- that's probably why I actually got some work done. I wrote a whole lot of copy- something like 10 pages worth of copy. THEN... the main reason I stayed late in the first place, I worked mano y mano with my Masi Graphic Guru, Rick Ortiz. You folks are gonna be WAY happy with the new graphic look of a few models- it's a totally new look and new direction for these models that I believe is going to really grab some attention. I don't wanna give away more than that for right now... but it's really cool stuff.

The National Sales Meeting is next week and I have a ton of preparation to work on still. I'm nowhere near done yet and have a ton of work to do to be ready. Stress? Nah... I'll just be shot if I don't get it all done on time. No big.

Since you've been good kids, I'll share another cool picture of new product... but only because you've been good...

(Photo Demos... again...)


And, for more eye candy and a fun read, go see "The Babe"... the Bike Biz Babe, that is. Check out her new ride... it's sweet!

Ok, back to work now.



T-Guy J said...

Hey Tim,

Lemme know if you need a test dummy for that tri-bike. I definitely think that is one ride that is going to start being a whole lot more common on the pier in Kona in the next couple of years.

T-Guy J

Anonymous said...