Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guilt by association...

I almost feel bad for my fellow judges... but not too bad!

I've been meaning to post this news for quite a while, but I've been a tad busy and I'm terribly disorganized these days (stop it). I will be a video contest judge with the likes of Phil Liggett, Bob Roll and my fellow members of the Spokesmen Podcast (David Bernstein- the Fredcast, Carlton Reid- BikeBiz, QuickreleaseTV, Tim Grahl- Crooked Cog and Donna Tocci- Kryptonite). Yep, me with my frequently flailing arms in the same booth as arms-a-flailin' Bob Roll and the voice of cycling himself... Phil Liggett. I'm so beyond unworthy of this, it's amazing. BUT... I'm still gonna do it! The judging will be done at Interbike, so it should be a pretty fun gig.

Here are the details- the contest is sponsored by Shimano and New Belgium Brewing- the folks behind Fat Tire Ale. The rules are here... so go read them and then start filming. Who knows, maybe your video will be the one we like the most. Wouldn't that be pretty cool?

Seriously, I ain't that cool, so I consider this pretty danged exciting for a bike dork like me.



James T said...

Wow, that is good company. Congrats Tim. I'm sure you will have a great time.

Donna T. said...

I'm pretty darn excited, too! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

apparently there is a bacterial infection affecting the entire cycling world and Tim, being the sole survivor, went from 5 millionth place on the list to 1st...Nice job Timmmaaayyyyy