Saturday, August 25, 2007

THIS is what I'm talking about!

Sometimes you receive emails that simply make your day... like this excerpt from my good friend David Parrett, over at Thomson;

First, Christian is in Belgium until September 10th with USA Cycling at that house they have, racing. Obviously I am beyond words with happiness and pride for him. He has worked really hard this year, and has earned this trip. Pat yourself on the back, you have been part of it. Apparently he smoked some mountain Time Trial at National Camp in Colorado Springs last week.

I mean... damn! It don't get much better than that at all... I don't care who you are. Dave's son Christian is riding on a Masi Gran Criterium- that's the extent of my involvement, the rest is great genes and tons of desire. He's been lighting the Southeast on fire and rode the Tour L'Abitibi for a second time this summer. The kid is a total motor! And Dave is a great guy and a very proud dad, as you can tell.

Christian; here's to you! Just know you have fans all over the place... especially at Masi!



Anonymous said...

Good luck to Christian. He took monster pulls all week when we had the A&F training camp in GA, hosted by Thomson. Glad to see others are picking up on his talent.

GoFastPops said...

Christian is not only talented, he's a super nice kid. When I think of him, I smile because amazing young men like him are the future of this sport.