Monday, August 20, 2007

More Sales Meeting stuff...

Sales Meeting is still done and I am still glad... though it still took me about an hour to type up all the notes that I took during the meeting. At least now I have some good feedback on the bikes and validation of ideas for further development.

The meeting began with a recap of the previous year and an address from our esteemed Boss Man; Joe Hank... I mean HAWK. What you can't see in the picture is the flip flops he's wearing- they were his dress flip flops at least and not the ones with the bottle opener in the sole.

I get a lot of love from folks at work...

... and they're always happy to see my camera come out of the bag.

This is our MTB Brand Manager, Jill Hamilton, and that's a monkey she's spanking.

This is Dave Law, who was recently promoted to Inside Sales Supervisor. The kid is a great artist, as well as a musician and a pretty darned good salesperson too. We might keep him... if he gets that face-thing fixed.

And this is James Ayres, one of our two Regional Sales Managers. He's only been with the company a short while, but he's already proving to be a pretty good asset... despite the silly looks.

This is Brennan Scully, who used to be in our Warranty Services, but he's now in Sales as an Inside Sales Rep. If you ever meet him, like at Interbike this year- ask him how he got the scab on his forehead...

Ok, that's tonight's update. More to come, including a few product pictures even... because I love you.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
Sales meeting huh? That what you could a get together for drink,food and socialising.Masi`s look great from what Ive seen.Just got back from Junior World`s in Aquascalientes,Mexico where we kicked butt. 8 Gold medals,3Silver,2Bronze and not a drug scandal to be seen. Great job by Cadel hey. And besides the results,Mexico was great because Corona`s were cheaper than water,every Aussies dream. Talk soon,happy travelling.