Sunday, August 19, 2007

National Sales Meeting DONE!

OHMYGAWD! Sales Meeting is done! Yippee!

I'm glad for two reasons; 1) all the stress of getting ready for the meeting is now over and I can get back to other big issues (like getting ready to leave for Eurobike in Germany and getting my catalog finished) and B) now our sales force has seen all of the new products and all of the changes to the product... and they are STOKED! I am so very happy about how the sales meeting went. I am floored. The excitement was strong all over the place and the new offering of products got a very strong reception. Obviously, as a product guy, that means lots and lots to me and validates all the work that I and the folks who help me with these bikes (Wayne Doran, Pat Crosby, Rick Ortiz, Pete Demos... and others) have put into these things. I'm always pretty excited about the bikes, but this year is special- for a lot of reasons. We've had a pretty extensive "changing of the guard" and these bikes reflect that change... and I'm very excited.

I'll have lots more to talk about very soon, especially about the products... so stay tuned... but right now, I'm simply wiped out and need a little sleep!

I'm planning to do a little bit of a personnel profile for you all. Being around all of the very dynamic people of Haro over the past few days, I was reminded that I get to work with a lot of cool people and almost nobody knows who they are (plus we have a bunch of new faces)... so I'm gonna change that! Stay tuned... and beware!


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Yokota Fritz said...

It's good to know your people are excited about the '08 products.

See you at Interbike!