Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A break from fire news.

Yes, the fires are still burning and things are still terrifying, but I personally need a break from the fire news. It has consumed my life for the past several days and the emotional fatigue is setting in. The last I heard, Jill Hamilton was doing fine and watching things closely in case things changed. Another of our own, Pete Skoda and his wife, were evacuated earlier in the week as well from their home in Rancho Bernardo. They got the news today that they could return and that they were lucky enough to have a place to return to. It's still a very precarious and tenuous situation for many thousands and thousands of people. Still, I need a break from the terror of the fires...

After I got home through the smoky drive, I quickly lycra'd up and headed out for a ride on my Speciale Fixed again. I rode down through the downtown area and then headed off to Harbor Island, which is on the San Diego Bay. I rode multiple laps of the "island" (it's a peninsula, if anything) as if I were in a crit or Scratch race on the track. It felt good to push myself a little, even in the bad air, and push the pedals with some force and work up one hell of a sweat. I finished in the dark and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I'd lost my taillight and had been riding in the dark with only the reflective strip on the back of my seat bag to make me visible. Still, it felt good to come home physically exhausted after a good hard ride on the Fixed (currently my favorite ride).

One of the very best parts of the day? Receiving this;

Hey Tim!

I thought you’d get a kick out of our Fall wall display, featuring our Masi Speciale Fixed!


It's enough to make a Brand Manager's heart skip a beat! So if you are in Tucson, Arizona and want to see a beautiful display that incorporates a Masi (or if you just wanna buy a bike from some cool people), go to Sabino Cycles on 7045 E. Tanque Verde. If you tell'em that the Masiguy sent you, they might toss you out... but you can try it and see what happens. And when you do, make sure you ask for Cindy... HI CINDY! (I'm pretty sure she likes flowers, so maybe you should take her some...)


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