Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today, the winds mellowed quite a bit and the air crews were able to attack the raging fires. Things improved dramatically and many people were able to return to their homes, or at least assess the damage and begin planning to rebuild. The last news I got, the fires near Jill Hamilton's home were backing away and were getting some small level of containment. By the time I got home tonight, the skies were not as thick with smoke and the air didn't smell like a campfire. I might even sleep with the windows open tonight to get some "fresh" air. Still, the fire danger is very high and things are nowhere near being over, but we're making progress and that's really all I ask. Thanks have to be given again to the amazing work being done by all of the firefighters in the region right now- their efforts have been greater than herculean... heroic doesn't even begin to cover it.

Today, I had the good fortune of having lunch with Rich Kelly from Interbike. Rich lives pretty close to the Masi/ Haro offices and due to the fires, has been at home this week and not commuting to the offices for Interbike's staff. Rich is a great guy and we've had many great conversations about cycling and bicycles over the past couple years. He's also becoming more and more of a "new media" geek like me, so we talked about that today as well. It's always great to get the chance to ramble on and on, the way I do, with somebody who is equally passionate about cycling. We had a great lunch and greater conversation. Thanks again for lunch Rich- I thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversation.

Again, like I have the past few nights, I got out on the Fixed and got another little leg workout. For as much as I love all the bikes I have, I have to confess that my Fixed is my current favorite. It might have something to do with the fact I only got to do one track race again this year and so my legs are simply enjoying that sensation of constant spinning. Maybe, I dunno what it is, but I have been having a super time. The 46x16 gear and 167.5 crankarms are a blast to spin. I did the same loop as last night, with another 3 quick laps around Shelter Island. I've been doing a few hard sprints on the course, getting the legs up to speed and blowing out the cylinders. It'd be pretty sweet to actually come out of this winter with something that resembles fitness and leg speed. In recent years, I've returned to the old (bad) habit of simply pushing big gears all winter long to develop power. Add in the gym and you have a scenario where I have a ton of power, but no leg speed to get the gear up to speed anymore. I'm trying to once again strike that delicate balance of having both... so we'll see if a winter of fixed gear riding on a smaller-than-usual-for-me gear does the job. It can't hurt anyway...

Lastly, I've recently rediscovered my love for Anchor Steam. I came across some recently, after not having seen any for what seems years. I have to say, I didn't remember it tasting quite this good and I am sure glad I "found" it again. It gets the Masiguy Seal of Approval- with two healthy thumbs up!



Anonymous said...

Hey Tim -
Stay safe, my friend.

Anonymous said...

"Glad to hear ALL at HARO-MASI are safe!"
Novel bicycle wares undergoing extensive 'real world' 0n-Off road testing daily, WAY COOL!