Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yeah, that's right

Today has been one of those beautiful and warm SoCal autumn days- 72 degrees and sunny... though we did get a little morning fog from the bay that kept the air a cooler 68. Burrrrr......

Since it is mid-October, Katie did spend a little time decorating her Halloween punkin'.

She's already asked if we can make pumpkin pie out of it (thought you'd wanna know, Donna).

Once done with the punkin', we headed off to the beach to hunt in the water's edge for sand dollars- one of our shared favorite past times.

The hunting wasn't so great, so we only found a few broken ones. But the weather was great and the beach beauty was happy as could be in her natural element.

Afterwards, on the way to the car, we stopped and she spent a little time being 6 years old.

It was a good day.


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Donna T. said...

Pie...yummmm...KatiePrincess should get all the pumpkin pie she wants - I'm all for it!