Monday, October 08, 2007

And the winner is...

So, as I write this post, the SoulVille stepthrough frame design winner is; Option B

The votes, via Pollhost are- 83 to 56 in favor of the Mixte. With the votes placed via the comments section added to this, the Mixte lead grows even greater.

So, being that I promised that the votes/ comments would decide the future of this frame design, the new stepthrough version of the SoulVille will be the Mixte!

Congratulations to you, the readers and voters here- you truly and sincerely decided this outcome. Barring any mechanical issues that prevent the use of the Mixte frame (first sample will determine this), the SoulVille range will soon include a Mixte frame... and it's all because of you!

I dunno 'bout you, but I think that's damned cool!



Tyler said...

What program are you guys doing these mockups in? Illustrator? Or is it a 3D modeling suite like solidworks?

Tim Jackson said...

BB- These mockups are in Illustrator, just to "see" what a bike would look like. The real drawings are done in Autocad, among other programs... from what I'm told by the smart people.

Anonymous said...

Damn you and cool bike making self!
More square footage being lost to those darn two wheel contraptions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. So happy to see a mixte coming to production. Pleaspleasepleaseplease make some 60cm (or 62cm?) frames for us larger fellas who love the girl bikes! Really, very nice work.