Monday, October 29, 2007

Calling all Podcasters;

I've been a member of The Spokesmen podcast(which we recorded this morning and should be up for a listen soon) for a while now and I've been a guest on a number of other podcasts, but I really want to do my own podcast as well (as I've been whining about for months/ years).

I've finally gotten an ok headset with mic that records pretty clearly now. On top of that, I've finally gotten Audacity to work- though I am still learning how to use it, so I'm not exactly proficient with it yet.

Anyway, I'm placing an info request to all of you who are so much more tech savvy than me; how do I combine this new headset and working Audacity into a simple audio podcast of my own? I am looking for the best free software/ podcast host to do this with. I pride myself on using free systems (since this is all out of my own "pocket", if you will).

Please let me know what has worked for you and what systems I should be trying. Keep in mind, Mac Fiends, that I am using a simpleton PC laptop.

So speak slowly and use small words...



Anonymous said...

Hi Tim.

You might want to look at LibSyn ( for hosting, it's not free, but it's cheap and affordable.
also worth a look is

or ask where the chaps at Crooked Cog or the Spokesman host their podcasts.

Actually I've just checked and they use LibSyn.

I'm pretty sure you'll find it all easy to do once you've set yourself up.

Super Rookie said...

i wish i knew how to do it.

i just show up and talk!

Anonymous said...


Give Skiles a hollar over at He mentioned that he met you in Vegas and had good things to say.


blue squirrel said...

one word- MAC
since that is not going to happen, because macs work great, talk with any network without any setup, and don't crash, why would any business want to use one.
[sorry couldn't resist]
program list in the mail

carltonreid said...


I use Libsyn, too. It takes all the hard work out of podcasting. Once the basics are set up you just load an audio or video file and Libsyn does the rest, such as loading to iTunes, updating the RSS feed etc.

It has a monthly cost but it's not a huge amount and you can start with a small fee and only pay more when you need more storage.

I sm sure lots of people produce podcasts on PCs but they are geniuses. Macs make things easy for simple, non-technies like me.

Buy an entry level Mac laptop, you'll never regret it (good for Masidaughters, too - the parental internet usage controls are excellent).