Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday leads to Saturday leads to Sunday leads to Canada...

This week, like many of the recent ones before it, was busy and hectic and nutty. The highlight was having my daughter with me for the week- though that sorta goes without saying.

I did manage to ride my trainer 3 times this week and I feel pretty good about that. The muscles seem to be fine in my legs and my right knee is almost totally pain-free. The right shoulder and arm are both giving me a few issues- the arm still doesn't straighten fully and the tricep muscle is terribly weak. The shoulder might have a rotator cuff issue, so I am watching it closely. But all told, I am able to ride well enough- though I feel incredibly rusty. I rode my rollers one night this week, on my fixed, and the small drums were kicking my butt!

This week was filled with all kinds of surprises as well. I spoke to a few different magazines and have also been contacted about potentially supplying bikes for a movie that is going to be filmed soon- no details I can share yet, but I will when I can... of course.

We're getting really close to that time of year when things really do just explode in a frenzy of activity and travel. Sunday morning I jump on a plane for Vancouver Canada and will return late Wednesday night. I'll be in Vancouver to support our Canadian distributor (NORCO) during their national sales meeting. We (the folks from Haro/ Masi) present on Monday. On Tuesday, I'll be traveling to see a handful of retailers in the Vancouver area... and I'll riding my bike between shops with Paul Burnett from NORCO, as he handles the Haro/ Masi bikes there. I am sincerely looking forward to it. I'll also be visiting with Mia and the women at Momentum Magazine on Tuesday evening. I'm looking forward to this trip for many reasons, but mostly because it means getting back to the life that has been put on "pause" for the past 3.5 months.

The new Fall '08/'09 catalog looks so damed good! I just love the thing. Of course, after printing it, the mistakes were found. I have a short bit of copy for each model and the copy for last year's Gran Corsa ended up in the space for this year's Alare. The other mistakes are all very small and hardly noticeable... but I know they are there. Still, the final product is the best catalog we've done for the brand and I'm very proud of it and look forward to your response to it.

Ok... I'm getting cross-eyed now, so I'm gonna go to sleep. Vancouver is coming up fast.


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